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Inventec Corporation
TWSE: 2356
IndustryComputer hardware
Founded1975; 46 years ago
Revenue$7.2 billion USD (2006)
8,184,463,000 New Taiwan dollar (2016)
4,971,373,000 New Taiwan dollar (2016)
Total assets182,373,217,000 New Taiwan dollar (2016)
Inventec building in Taipei
OKWAP subsidiary-branded RS-MMC card
Inventec Enterprise Systems motherboard

Inventec Corporation (Chinese: 英業達公司; pinyin: Yīngyèdá Gōngsī; TWSE: 2356) is a Taiwan-based Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) making notebook computers, servers and mobile devices. Originally established in 1975 to develop and manufacture electronic calculators, major customers include Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Acer, and Fujitsu-Siemens.

Inventec Corporation has major development and manufacturing facilities in China, and is one of China's largest exporters. The company opened its first development center in China in 1991 and its first manufacturing facility in Shanghai in 1995. In addition, the company has configuration and service centers in the United States, Europe and Mexico.

The company has a work force of over 23,000 employees, including over 3,000 engineers. It partially owns a Japan-based mini notebook brand vendor, Kohjinsha (KJS) which was established in Yokohama.[1][2]

Group information[edit]

Drivers inventec laptops & desktops software

Inventec Group comprises five companies:

Inventec Corporation[edit]

Noted above

Inventec BESTA[edit]

Inventec Besta 9200 Dictionary
Inventec Besta 9200 Dictionary
Besta booth at fair in Taipei

BESTA is an independent subsidiary company of the Inventec Group first launched in Taipei in 1989 to produce compact English/Chinese electronic dictionaries. BESTA has expanded its product line to PDAs, tablet computers and translators in multiple languages (including Korean and Japanese).

BESTA currently produces over 30 models on the market in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The Thai distributor CyberDict offers customized products with additional Thai dictionaries.[3]

BESTA also manufactures a line of language products designed specifically for the North American market, where it has become the leading provider of English/Chinese and English/Korean electronic dictionaries. In the US, BESTA products are sold under the BESTA (Chinese) or OPTIMEC (South Korean) labels, and are exclusively distributed and serviced by Moy Sam Corporation (New York) and Maxmile Corporation (Los Angeles). In Canada, BESTA products are found in Toronto and Markham.

Several BESTA models come with slots for inserting SD/MMC data cards containing additional specialized dictionaries (such as medical or business). It has been ranked in 1st place for 'Taiwan's Ideal Electronic Dictionary Brand' for twelve consecutive years. Inventec Besta became a listed company in Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2007.[4]

Key Development of Inventec Besta Co:

Year 1989—Inventec Besta Co., Ltd was founded.

Year 1999—Merged with the Inventec's References System Division, Lin Kou Factory, and Inventec (Xi'an) Company

Year 2000—Acquired Golden Atom Holdings Ltd. and invested in Besta Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.and Besta Technology (China) Co., Ltd

Inventec Micro-Electronics[edit]

Inventec Appliance Corporation[edit]


Mobile phones[edit]

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The remaining issue with supporting netbooks may be open firmware support for the Embedded controller (EC).These ECs used to support keyboard scan, lid open/closed, battery charging, power management, etc.

coreboot should work with the 'stock' EC firmware. This may still be a challenge because 'we don't know what we don't know'. Behavior at runtime is fairly standardized, but we don't know what we need to do for initialization - do we need to set up registers, put in tables, kick things, or will it all Just Work (TM)?

HOWTO to find a way

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Laptop survey

This is not a list of coreboot supported laptops but rather chipsets, Super I/Os, flash chips, and especially embedded controllers used in a few laptops, just for reference purposes.

Vendor Model CPU Chipset NB Chipset SB Super I/OEC Flash Chip Flash Size Flash S. Flash T. Owner
ASUS S96F/Z96F Intel Core™2 Duo T7400 Intel i945 Intel ICH7 ITE IT8510E in Super I/O ? ? ? ? macavity
Acer Aspire One ZG5 Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz Intel 82945GME Intel NH82801GBM ICH7-M Winbond WPCE775LA0DG in Super I/O Winbond 25x80AVSIG 8Mb no SOIP/DIP XVilka
Acer Aspire 3613LC Intel Celeron M 370 1.5GHz L2: 1MB Intel 82910GML Intel FW82801FBM SL7W6 ICH6-M ? ? PMC 0537 PM39LV040-70JCE 1Mb no SOIP/DIP XVilka
Dell Latitude CPi A366XT PII, 360 MHz Intel 440BX SMSC FDC37N958FR in Super I/O AMD AM29F040B 512KB yes PLCC UH
Dell Latitude C610 PIII, 1.2 GHz Intel i830 SMSC LPC47N252 in Super I/O SST SST49LF004A 512KB no PLCC CybFr
Dell Dell Vostro V13 Intel Celeron 743 1.2GHz, L2: 1MB (Ultra Low Voltage) Mobile Intel GS45 Express GHMC Intel 82801IEM ICH9M-E none ITE IT8502E Winbond 25Q16BVSIG 2Mb no SOIP/PDIP XVilka
Dell XPS M1530 Intel Core™2 Duo T7700 Intel PM965 Intel ICH8 none Winbond WPC8763L Winbond 25X16VSIG 16Mb ?? SPI Corey Osgood
Fujitsu-S. Lifebook S-4572 PIII, 750 MHz Intel 82440MX SMSC FDC37N769 ? Fujitsu MBM29F400T1 ? no TSOP(?) UH
Fujitsu-S. Lifebook S7110 Intel Core™2 Duo T7200 Intel i945 Intel ICH7 SMSC LPC47N217 Fujitsu MB90378 Spansion S25FL008A2 1024 kB no SO8 / SPI twice11
Gateway W730-K8X Socket 754 ?? ?? ?? SST 39VF040 ?? yes PLCC Juri
Gateway 6020GZ Celeron M 1.4Ghz Intel 855GME ?? ?? ?? ?? no ?? Juri
Gericom Webboy 340S2 PIII SiS630 NSC PC87393VJG NSC PC87570 Winbond 29C020 256 kB yes PLCC NS
Getac P470 Intel® Core 2 Duo Mobile Intel 945 Intel ICH7 ? ? ? 8Mb no SPI / SOIC8 Stefan Reinauer
Highscreen XD 14-C1700 Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz SiS650 NSC PC87391(?) ? EON EN29F040(A) 512 kB yes PLCC UH
HP/Compaq nc6320 T7200 945GM ICH7-M SMSC LPC47N217 SMSC KBC1021-MT M25PE80 1024 kB yes SOIC-8 GNUtoo
HP Omnibook XE3(L) PIII, 750 MHz Intel 82371MB Intel PIIX4M SMSC FDC37N869 NSC PC87570 SST 28SF040A 512 kB no PLCC UH
IBM Thinkpad T30 Intel P4 Mobile, 1.8 GHz Intel i845 Intel ICH3-M NSC PC87392 Renesas H8S 64F3169ATE10 ST M50FW080N5 1024 kB no TSOP40 / FWH edgecase
IBM Thinkpad X60s Intel Core Duo CPU L2300 Intel i945GM Intel ICH7-M NSC PC87392 (in Ultrabase) Renesas H8S2161B MX25L1605D 2048 kB no SOIC-8 Sven Schnelle
MSI Wind U100 Intel Atom N280 1.66Ghz Intel 945GSE Intel ICH7-M ? ENE KB3310 SST MX25L8005 8 Mb no TSOP40 / SPI ?
One A110 VIA C7-M ULV 1.0 GHz VIA VX800 none ENE KB3310 ? ? no ? UH
Panasonic Toughbook CF-25 P166MMX FW82439TX (430TX) FW82371AB NSC PC87336VJG Renesas 3886 SST SST29EE020 256 kB no ? Miernik
Roda Rocky III+ RK886EX Intel® Core 2 Duo Mobile T5500 Intel 945 Intel ICH7 SMSC® LPC47N227 Renesas M38859 SST SST49LF080 8Mb yes PLCC Stefan Reinauer
Roda Rocky II+ RT686 Intel Pentium III Intel 430BX Intel FW82371EB SMSC® FDC37N769 Renesas M38867M8A SST SST29LE020 256KB yes PLCC/parallel UH
Sony Vaio Picturebook PCG-C1XD P2 400 443ZX ? ? ST M29W004BT 512 kB no Miernik
Sony Vaio Picturebook PCG-C1X P266MMX 430TX ? ? ? ? ? ? Miernik
Toshiba Libretto 50M PA1243CM P133 custom FPGA ? ? ? ? ? ? Miernik
Toshiba Satellite A80-117 Intel Celeron Intel 915GM Intel ICH6 SMSC LPC47N217 ENE KB910 ? 1024 kB no TSOP (?) UH

1 According to the vendor BIOS update tool.
2 Nice thing: EC/Flash is not shared, so you can erase the whole flash during system operation (this was tested).

Further links:

Mailinglist discussion

A few earlier coreboot discussions on laptops are linked here, you might get useful information out of them:

Who really makes your laptop?

Drivers Inventec Laptops & Desktops Free

There are several various brands of laptops, but there are only a few actual laptop makers.

Drivers Inventec Laptops & Desktops

Name brand companies like Hewlet Packard, Compaq, IBM, Dell, Gateway, Sony, Micron, Toshiba and others; including Alienware and Voodoo do not make their own laptops. The exceptions are Asus and Apple, and even Apple doesn't make all of their laptops.

Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) make the laptops for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). They in turn, add their preloaded hard drives and sell them to consumers. This is why a laptop is a bit more complicated to support with coreboot. The OEM's may not even have all the specifications for the laptop since the ODM has done all the design and assembly.

Some laptop ODMs are:

  • Quanta makes laptops for Sony, Dell, and IBM
  • Inventec and Arima make the Compaq line
  • Compal also makes IBM and Dell lines, as well as Hewlett Packard
  • Clevo makes the popular Alienware and Voodoo gaming laptops

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