PARIS--(Marketwire - September 7, 2009) - Broadband World Forum Europe 2009 -- IkanosCommunications, Inc. (NASDAQ: IKAN), a leading provider of advancedbroadband semiconductor and software products for the digital home, todayannounced that it has joined forces with DSP Group, Inc.™ (NASDAQ: DSPG)to demonstrate a reference design for a multi-service residential gatewaywith fully integrated Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)capabilities. The DECT/CAT-iq Module from DSP Group, a leading globalprovider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications athome, combined with Ikanos' Fusiv® Vx180 integrated gateway processor, isdesigned to enable network equipment manufacturers to quickly bring tomarket a platform that supports cordless telephony as a part of aresidential gateway offering.

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Jul 21, 2008 Ikanos Consulting have released 3 rather cool Windows Vista SideShow Gadgets. AccuWeather, Live Messenger and System Health. Ikanos Consulting were the first company to enable Windows Mobile devices to use the Windows Vista SideShow Gadgets with their Windows Mobile Connectivity Framework beta.

'One of the important differentiators in the newest-generation ofresidential gateways is integrated cordless telephony,' said Mitch Kahn,vice president of Corporate Development at Ikanos. 'As service providersseek to deliver more value-added offerings, built-in DECT communications isnecessary. The offering from DSP Group and Ikanos can help manufacturersdeliver products with this capability more quickly than ever before.'

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  • DIGCOMP European Digital Competence Framework DigComp is a detailed framework for the development of citizens’ digital competence in Europe. The framework provides a detailed description of all the skills needed to be competent in digital environments and describes them in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes and provides the levels within each competency.
  • Feb 11, 2015 Broadvoice Ranked on Fast 500 Nov 17, 2014 - Broadvoice today announced it ranked number 316 on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology.

The reference design includes the Ikanos Fusiv Vx180 gateway processor andDSP Group's DECT/CAT-iq Module. The Fusiv Vx180 device combines Ikanos'industry leading VDSL2 customer premises equipment (CPE) PHY and its widelydeployed Fusiv network processor architecture into a power and spaceoptimized chipset that supports all key types of DSL technology, includingADSL, ADSL2+ and VDSL2. The Fusiv Vx180 also combines accelerator processor(AP) engines for data path functions with a MIPS-based™ CPU core,resulting in the preservation of host CPU processing power for enablingpowerful value-added applications.

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DSP Group's DECT/CAT-iq Module enables superior voice coverage and widebandaudio (HD voice). Based on DSP Group's single-chip architecture, thelow-cost and small form-factor cordless base station module can beintegrated into broadband residential gateways, such as integrated accessdevices (IAD), set-top boxes (STBs), IP office PBXs and passive opticalnetwork (PON) modems. DSP Group's DECT chipsets are CAT-iq 2.0 compliantand support all worldwide digital cordless technologies.

'The combination of Ikanos' Vx180 chipset and our DECT/CAT-iq Module intoone system will give network equipment manufacturers a competitive edgewhen developing a fully-featured multi-service residential gateway,' saidOz Zimerman, corporate vice president of Marketing at DSP Group. 'Theintegrated reference design delivers the performance and flexibility thatis required by manufacturers for developing gateways that meet the needs ofservice providers around the world.'

The reference platform from DSP Group and Ikanos is being shown atBroadband World Forum Europe 2009.

About DSP Group

DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG) is a leading global provider of wirelesschipset solutions for converged communications at home. Delivering systemsolutions that combine semiconductors and software with reference designs,DSP Group enables consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers tocost-effectively develop new revenue-generating applications with fast timeto market. At the forefront of semiconductor innovation and operationalexcellence for over two decades, and with a dominant share of the wirelesshome telephony market, DSP Group provides a broad portfolio of wirelesschipsets integrating DECT, Wi-Fi, PSTN and VoIP technologies withstate-of-the-art application processors. Enabling converged voice, audio,video and data connectivity across diverse consumer products -- fromcordless and VoIP phones to home gateways and broadbandmultimedia screens -- DSP Group proactively partners with CE manufacturersto shape the future of converged communications at home. For moreinformation, visit

About Ikanos Communications, Inc.

Ikanos Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: IKAN) is a leading provider ofadvanced broadband semiconductor and software products for the digitalhome. The company's multi-mode VDSL2/ADSLx, network processor and otherofferings power access infrastructure and customer premises equipment formany of the world's leading network equipment manufacturers andtelecommunications service providers. For more information,

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