• Hi, I recently got an old laptop with NeoMagic 256AV sound card.:D It had 95 and ran all i wanted except multi-monitor support.:cool: I therefore decided to upgrade to 98, and did so. I did a backup of the drivers, and all the files I wanted to keep. I started the laptop up, and was greeted.
  • Note this this laptop uses the SMI LynxEM+ chipset where the ThinkPad 240 uses the NeoMagic. Sound Card/Driver: Cirrus Logic 'Unknown Device' using OSS: Sound Notes: Required OSS driver with 'Crystal' option. Modem/Driver: Lucent LT 56k WinModem/ltmodem.o: Modem Notes.
  • Download NeoMagic NM2200 - 256AV Windows Drivers Device: Any device Bios Cameras Game Devices Input Devices Laptops - Desktops Modems Motherboards Network Adapters Other Printers Projectors Scanners Sound Cards USB Video Adapters.
  • And yes I know there are still dedicated sound cards, but AFAIK it's either really niche or not really needed. But back in the day I remembered there being a big difference between sound cards. Back then a lot of music in games where MIDI and the difference between a low tier sound card and for example a Sound Blaster AWE 32 was immense in games.

Category: Sound and MultiMedia
Manufacturer: NeoMagic Corporation
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 1060.1kiB
Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 98SE
Latest Version:

The laptops sound is via the NeoMagic 256AV chipset. The laptop is a Dell Latitude CS R. The driver I am looking for should throw the card into soundblaster compatibility mode. But lets see what you find. I will award the finder of the closest drivers the highest amount of points available.

Windows device driver information for NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System

NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System is a product of Neomagic Corporation and it is compatible with operating system such as Windows 98 and Windows 98SE. For one to use the NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System, he or she will be required to have its driver installed in the computer. To install the driver for NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System, one will be required to follow several steps. First, one should download the NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System file from a resourceful site and then save it on the PC before unzipping. Next, Connect the NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System to the PC. Make a right-click on “My Computer' and then click “Properties.' On the “Hardware tab, click to “Device Manager' button. One will at this point be able to view the new NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System on “media' category.

Outdated Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

To check your drivers you should manually verify every device on your system for driver updates

To continue with the installation, double click “Device” and then press “Reinstall Driver” button. Next, one should select “Install from specific location” and then check “Include this location” before clicking to “Browse” button so as to select the “NeoMagicdriver.” Next, click “Next” to proceed and then “Finish” completing the process of installation. One will now be able to view the NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System located in “media” that is located in “Device Manager.” It is always advisable for one to always use the latest version of the NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System as it will enable the user to utilize the functions of the driver easily. Versions that are old can cause device conflicts and media errors. One should update the NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System at least once per month or even more often. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for Windows and NeoMagic MagicWave 3DX Sound System errors before installing any driver updates.

NeoMagic Corporation
TypeManufacturing, e-Commerce foundation = 1993
HeadquartersSan Jose, California

NeoMagic CorporationOTC Pink: NMGC is a fabless semiconductor company and supplier of low-power audio and video integrated circuits for mobile use (MagicMedia).


In October 2012, NeoMagic entered into the e-Commerce arena with the acquisition of its MercadoMagico.com division. MercadoMagico.com is an e-Commerce platform that will initially target the U.S. Market with a special focus on the fast-growing Hispanic and Latino community in the Americas. MercadoMagico.com provides a multivendor platform where users will be able to buy and sell products from one another or buy electronic products directly.

Neomagic sound cards & media devices driver download for windows 8

Neomagic Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10


NeoMagic Corporation was founded in 1993 in California.[1] Working with semiconductor vendor Mitsubishi Electric as a key foundry supplier, NeoMagic introduced its first graphics processors in 1995;[2] these were notable for being the first chips to combine a graphics logic and DRAMvideo memory into one chip.[3] As this was a more power-efficient method than previous graphics processors had used, most of the major laptop manufacturers of the time began to use NeoMagic graphics chips in their systems.[2] In 2000, NeoMagic left the laptop market completely,[4] and switched their focus to producing systems on a chip, or SOCs, for mobile phones and other handheld devices, like PDAs.[5] The firm's first handheld chips were unveiled in 2001, when NeoMagic introduced the MiMagic line.[6] The initial MiMagic chips were based on a 32-bit MIPS TechnologiesRISC processor core, and featured 4MB of embedded DRAM, as well as a 1024x768-capable graphics chip, and an AC'97-compatible sound processor.[6] Subsequent versions of the MiMagic chip family starting from the MiMagic 3 in 2002, were based on 32-bit ARM RISC processor cores.[7] In October 2012, NeoMagic acquired MercadoMagico.com.[1]


MagicGraph 128NM2070
MagicGraph 128VNM2090
MagicGraph 128ZVNM2093
MagicGraph 128ZV+NM2097
MagicGraph 128XDNM2160
MagicMedia 256AVNM2200
MagicMedia 256AV+NM2230
MagicMedia 256ZXNM2360
MagicMedia 256XL+NM2380


These chips were used in a number of different laptop computers.[8] In 1998, Red Hat was able to release the source code of the XFree86 driver developed by Precision Insight Inc. which was previously distributed as proprietary software.[9] The NeoMagic driver included in the Linux kernel is partly based on the XFree86 one.[10]


Neomagic Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 7

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MercadoMagico.com http://www.themiddlemarket.com/news/neomagic-acquires-mercadomagico-com-234059-1.html

Neomagic Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 8

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