Remote Control

  • Meridian Global Remote Control codes. (To help setting up learning remotes like Pronto). MSR4 version.
  • Meridian Global Remote codes for MSR+

RS232 Control

  • G98, G95, G96, G91 & G92 Control by RS232
  • 861 Control by RS232 (V6)
  • 861 Control by RS232 (V4)
  • 800 Control by RS232
  • G68 & G61 Control by RS232 (V1.2)
  • DSP420 Control by RS232
  • DSP5000 Control by RS232
  • DSP8000 Control by RS232
  • 565 versions up to 2.4 or 3.4
  • 565 versions 2.5, 3.5 or higher
  • 541 Control by RS232
  • 501/V or 562/V Control by RS232
  • 518 Control by RS232
  • 561 Control by RS232
  • 568 Control by RS232
  • 562 Control by RS232
  • 596 Control by RS232

Digital Media Systems API (Application Protocol Interface)

This document will allow third party modules to be written to interface with a Meridian Digital Media System. API Document

The API will allow control of the following:

Explore Library

Volume Control

Transport Controls

Now Playing Track information and Cover

Installation Documents


  • G Series Engineering drawings for Installers
  • DSP420 Installing the in-wall loudspeaker
  • 300 Series Installation Drawings

Connecting Systems

  • 2/3 Room System using 500-Series components
  • 551 with 565 How to use this combination

Wiring Notes

  • Active LCR; Passive surrounds
  • Meridian Digital Theatre
    DSP LCR; Passive surrounds
  • DSP Centre; Active LR; Passive surrounds
  • DSP LR; Passive centre & surrounds

Video Wiring

  • 562V with TV
  • 562V with external TV tuner
  • 562V with 2 VCRs
  1. Drivers Meridian Audio Speakers
  2. Drivers Meridian Audio Software

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Drivers Meridian Audio Speakers

Meridian has pioneered many firsts, including active speakers and the world’s first digital surround sound processor. Meridian audio technology, adapted to the unique environment of each Jaguar model, ensures that Jaguar drivers can enjoy seamless authentic musical performance on the move. Meridian Legacy Config Program; Meridian Sooloos Configure Installer v34; Sooloos AMX Module v2.1 (with Instructions) Sooloos Control4 Driver (with Instructions) Sooloos ControlMac (Sooloos Core required) Sooloos ControlPC (Sooloos Core required) Sooloos Crestron Module v2.6; virtualMSR for Meridian; Windows USB Driver V3.34.1 (With Instructions).

Drivers Meridian Audio Software

  • Nov 26, 2017 Hi All I havent used my Meridian Explorer 2 for a while and the computers I used it with are now gone. I was over at a friends place and took my little notebook I use just for audio over, after installing the Explorer drivers. I didnt check it prior to going over - I know generally not a good ide.
  • Meridian™ Audio provides wide-spectrum sound that will make the rides to your favorite sushi restaurant an otherworldly experience. This impressive sound system works in tandem with the high-quality performance of the Jaguar XF, F-PACE, and F-TYPE to deliver a vehicle that’s singularly Jaguar. How does it work, you may ask?