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The website should be consistent with the Globalcom style guide, as they are the colours and fonts that are being used by Globalcom in different areas already. By having the consistency between the defined style guide and the website’s design, users who view the website will be able to easily identify that it is a Globalcom website, and will be more likely to remember the website if they see the Globalcom colours somewhere else as well.

Fitts’ Law

By using Fitts’ law and making the navigation and other interactive parts of the website larger and easier to mouse over (having them near the edge of the screen, which creates a constraint where the user can’t move the mouse any farther because it’s the edge of the screen), the user will make less errors while using the navigation, and the useability of the website will increase.

Also move the buttons that may cause unwanted actions away from the buttons that are to be used the most. An example is moving the “replay intro” button away from the main navigation menu, so that the user does not accidentally click on it, resulting in the introduction being replayed. This could possibly deter the user from re-entering the site.

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The navigation menu should afford being used as a menu, and be easily distinguishable as that. The menu doesn’t need to look like a set of buttons to be recognised as a menu, but it does have to afford being clicked on to navigate the website. Making it look like it should be clicked on will increase the useability of the website.