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The services gateway is shipped with the JuniperNetworks Junos operating system (Junos OS) preinstalled and readyto be configured when the device is powered on. You can perform theinitial software configuration of the services gateway by using thebrowser-based setup wizard or by using the command-line interface(CLI).

SRX300 Services Gateway Factory-Default Settings

The SRX300 device is shipped with the following factory-defaultsettings:

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Table 1: Security Policies

Source Zone

Destination Zone

Policy Action







Table 2: NAT Rules

Source Zone

Destination Zone

Policy Action



Source NAT to untrust zone interface

Table 3: Interfaces

Port Label


Security Zone

DHCP State

IP Address

0/0 and 0/7

ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/7




0/1 to 0/6

VLAN Interface irb.0 (ge-0/0/1 to ge-0/0/6)



The SRX300 device is shipped with the following services andprotocols enabled by default.

Table 4: Services, Protocols, and Startup Mode



Device Startup Mode




RSTP (all interfaces)


To provide secure traffic, a basic set of screens are configuredon the untrust zone.

How to View Factory-Default Settings

To view the factory-default settings on your device:

  1. Log in as the root user and provide your credentials.
  2. View the list of default configuration files:
  3. View the required default configuration file.
    load factory-default command to revert to the factory-default configuration.

    Initial Configuration Using the CLI

    You can use either the serial or the mini-USBconsole port on the device.

    Connect to the Serial Console Port

    To connect to the serial console port:

    1. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the RJ-45 to DB-9serial port adapter supplied with your SRX300.
    2. Plug the RJ-45 to DB-9 serial port adapter into the serialport on the management device.
    3. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the serialconsole port on the SRX300.
    4. Start your asynchronous terminal emulation application(such as Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal) and select the appropriateCOM port to use (for example, COM1).
    5. Configure the serial port settings with the followingvalues:
      • Baud rate—9600

      • Parity—N

      • Data bits—8

      • Stop bits—1

      • Flow control—none

    Connect to the Mini-USB Console Port

    To connect to the mini-USB console port:

    1. Download the USB driver to the management device fromthe Downloads page. To download the driver for Windows OS, select Version drop-down list. Todownload the driver for macOS, select Version drop-down list.
    2. Install the USB console driver software:Note

      Install the USB console driver software before attemptingto establish a physical connection between the SRX300 and the managementdevice, otherwise the connection will fail.

      1. Copy and extract the .zip file to your local folder.

      2. Double-click the .exe file. The installer screen appears.

      3. Click Continue Anyway on the next screen tocomplete the installation.

        If you chose to stop the installation at any time during theprocess, then all or part of the software will fail to install. Insuch a case, we recommend that you uninstall the USB console driverand then reinstall it.

      4. Click Ports (COM & LPT) in Power button on the front panel. Verify thatthe

      5. Start the CLI.Note

        You can view the factory-default settings by using the

      6. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to any of the networkports numbered 0/6 on the device.Note

        The ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/7 interfaces (ports 0/7) are WAN interfaces.Do not use these ports for the initial configuration procedure.

      7. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the managementdevice.

        The SRX300 functions as a DHCP server and automatically assignsan IP address to the laptop.

      8. Ensure that the management device acquires an IP addresson the network from the device.

        If an IP address is not assigned to the management device, manuallyconfigure an IP address in the network.


        Do not assign the IP address to the managementdevice, as this IP address is assigned to the SRX300.

      9. Open a browser and type The Phone Home Client page appears.
      10. To configure the device:
        • Using zero-touch provisioning (ZTP)—Follow the procedurein Configure the Device Using ZTP with Juniper Networks NetworkService Controller

        • Using J-Web—Click Submit.

          The J-Web login page appears. The SRX300 already has factory-defaultsettings configured to make it a plug-and-play device. So all youhave to do to get the SRX300 up and running is connect it to yourLAN and WAN networks.

        • Connect the WAN network to port 0/1 through Juniper Console Driver Download

          Customize the Configuration for Junos OS Release 19.2

          You can select any one of the configuration modes to customizethe configuration:

          Juniper Driver Download Pc

          • Standard—Configure basic security settings for theSRX300.

          • Cluster (HA)—Set up the SRX300 in chassis clustermode.

          • Passive—Set up the SRX300 in Tap mode. Tap modeenables the SRX300 to passively monitor traffic flows across a network.

          Juniper Driver Download Windows 7

          Juniper Driver Download

          Juniper Driver Download Windows 10

          Customize the Configuration for Junos OS Release 15.1X49-D170

          You can select any one of the configuration modes to customizethe configuration:

          • Guided Setup (uses a dynamic IP address)—Enablesyou to set up the SRX300 in a custom security configuration. You canselect either the Basic or the Expert option.

            The following table compares the Basic and Expert levels:




            Number of internal zones allowed


            ≥ 3

            Internet zone configuration options

            • Static IP

            • Dynamic IP

            • Static IP

            • Static pool

            • Dynamic IP

            Internal zone service configuration



            Internal destination NAT configuration

            Not Allowed



            If you change the IP address of the port to which thelaptop is connected, you might lose connectivity to the device whenapplying the configuration in the Guided Setup mode. To access J-Webagain, open a new browser window and type https://Juniper Virtual Adapter Driver Download

            Network Service Controller is a component of the Juniper NetworksContrail Service Orchestration platform that simplifies and automatesthe design and implementation of custom network services that usean open framework.

            For more information, refer to the Network Service Controllersection in the datasheet at http://www.juniper.net/assets/us/en/local/pdf/ datasheets/1000559-en.pdf.

            To configure the device automatically using ZTP:


            To complete the ZTP process, ensure that the SRX300 isconnected to the Internet.

            • If you already have the authentication code, enter thecode in the webpage displayed.

              On successful authentication, the initial configuration is appliedand committed on the SRX300. Optionally, the latest Junos OS imageis installed on the SRX300 before the initial configuration is applied.

            • If you do not have the authentication code, you can usethe J-Web setup wizard to configure the SRX300. Click Linx Port Devices Driver

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