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Thank the maker. I thought I was the only one who thinks the Kemper, Axe and Nelix sound like merde going through near field FRFR monitors. I can get a great sound out of the CLR and Atomic FR, as well as through a PE60 and Trademark 10 (FX return), but mixing type speakers sound harsh.

  • Guidorist Kemper® Amp Profiles are used by Michael Wagener (Metallica, Queen, Alice Cooper), Marco Sfogli (Dave LaRue), In Flames & many more.
  • KemperRemoteDIYWin can talk with Kemper (directly using your sound card without Arduino). It will send and receive commands (like switch down, led states, display etc). It also have a simulated KemperMock class to be able to run even without Kemper Profiler. The Simulator node.js project, is the user interface layer.
  • I just use the normal output (two jack cables) on my profiler, then going into my sound card (mini-jack) to both left and right input.The cables are jack to mini-jack. I used this setup before when I used amp plugins for my Daw and it worked perfectly.
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Morgan Amps are some of the finest boutique amps on the market and Joe Morgan was kind enough to ask me to be involved in his foray into the Kemper world. This Kemper profile pack contains 165 different profiles as well as a Performance for each of the amp models. This pack highlights 8 of some of his most popular amps: Josh Smith Signature JS12, PR12, 30/800, RCA35, PX50, JMI, AC20, and the MVP23. *Please note that these profiles require Kemper firmware 8.0 or higher to function properly. Go to for more information.
not rated$49.99
The Brown Bag Pack contains 25 Studio Rigs and 3 Plug’n’Play Performances. This is an experiment. I have often wondered how much of our enjoyment of a profile stemmed from “knowing” what the amp profiled was and how much of it was based purely on how it sounds. I have profiled hundreds of amps, most with 10-30 profiles of each amp, so that’s a lot of profiles. Some amps sound great in the room but profile poorly or vice versa. So much of the sound of my profiles comes from speaker, cab, mic, mic placement, mic mix, volume, and environment. The amp is indeed a major factor, but it is not all of the tone. But there are so many paths to good tone, whether you use a real amp with an assortment of pedals, a modeler, a modeler with pedals, 4 cable method, profiler, profiler with pedals, etc. Each component can play a role in how it all sounds. This is all to say that the Brown Bag Pack contains profiles that, quite frankly, I didn’t expect to sound as good as they did. I’ve used a few of my favorite profiles repeatedly over the past few years and when I compared these to those, they were strikingly close or even surpassed them in some ways. It just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, even if it’s a plain brown one.
not rated$7.99
2020 PACK
It has taken me a while to put out a new pack, partially because of all of the profiles I already had. I wanted to make sure if I put out more that they'd be something special. I think this pack is pretty darn special. The 2020 Pack contains some of my all time favorite amps that cover all the 'food groups'. From the best vintage Plexi I've ever heard to a couple of my favorite AC type circuits to some classic CA tweed, blackface, and brownface tones to unique amps that fall somewhere in between. As I tried to keep my personal amp collection to a minimum (only so much room in the house), I tried to find what I thought were the best of each food group and hang on to it. Along the way, there were a few other gems that I was lucky enough to get my hands on along the way too. The end result is a pack that might be my best one yet. And with the new 7.x firmware revisions, it's easier than ever to import fx Presets and Performances, so I'm included some of those as well. Some are basic Performance banks for easy plug-n-play use and others are song-inspired tones and others are just fun tones for inspiration. Check out the demo vids and information document as well. Thanks for checking it out! *These rigs and presets were created in firmware 7.x and contain the filetype .krig, so users will need 7.x firmware and the latest version of Rig Manager to import these files. Updates for Rig Manager and Kemper are available for download at the official Kemper website.
not ratedSound$39.99
It’s Just Bass – Steve Cook
Steve Cook is the bassist/vocalist for Phil Vassar and I’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with him the past two years as part of our Christmas Tours. We both gravitate toward all aspects of music, including gear and had talked about bass and how the Kemper can be utilized for such low purposes. We kicked it around and back and forth and finally found time to go through the process of profiling all of Steve’s great bass preamp collection and even did road testing this past tour as Steve used his profiles on the Kemper the whole Christmas tour. It was a resounding success at foh and in the studio, so we’re happy to share them with you now. And for those karmically inclined, there’s also the added benefit of doing good. Steve’s son Miles was born with severe hearing loss and attends the Mama Lere Hearing School at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. ALL of the proceeds from this pack will go to Steve & Mama Lere Hearing School to help pay for the therapy his son and others so sorely need. READ HIS STORY HERE So… what’s in the pack? There are 51 unique profiles from 11 different bass preamps as well as 4 song-specific rigs Steve came up with from customer requests. I’m also including 20 bass profiles pulled from my BoC Pack so that bass players can get all of the bass profiles I have to offer in one place. Check out the sound samples from Steve’s video below and enjoy!
not ratedKemper sound cards & media devices driver download for windows 10 64$29.99
The Crank n Go Pack contains 63 Studio Profiles as well as 59 of their Merged counterparts (Sometimes the merged profiles just don’t measure up or come out right). This pack is primarily for cranking up and rockin’. My main focus was getting good, thick rock tones that still retained the clarity and bite that cover everything from 70’s to 90’s rock, everything from bell bottoms to hair bands. This pack also includes 3 Performances as well for those wanting a quick plug’n’play experience. Two of the performances feature specific amps and the third is just a hodgepodge of cool rock tones, everything from clean to melt-your-face.
not rated$39.99
The Grab n Go Pack contains 92 studio profiles of 13 different amps, mostly small combos, but also a couple of small heads and even one slightly larger combo. I profiled these amps to cover most types of gigs, ranging from country to jazz to classic rock. There are lots of nice clean sounds if you want to use your Kemper as a pedal platform and there are some great lead tones in it as well. And for the first time this pack also includes some full performances as well. If you’re not the kind of guy that likes to program and tweak, I am including 3 performances with fx already assigned that cover cleans to mid gain overdrives to lead tones. Also, there are 3 'Broadway' performances with some common Nashville cover song preset rigs for inspiration or use them right out of the box. You can also read the background of the Grab n Go Pack HERE. There are some really great rigs in this pack. Check out the demo video to hear them below.
not rated$39.99
3rd Power CSR PACK – 60 Profiles
The New M Britt 3rd Power CSR Pack is a collection of 60 studio profiles (amp & cab profiled together) of the 3rd Power Citizen Gain Reverb 40 Prototype amp. The CSR is a 2-channel amp with a blackface style clean channel and a british-voiced gain channel with multiple tone stacks for different flavors of gain. All in all, this amp is meant to go from clean to scream but retain a toneful flavor throughout. The actual amp features seamless channel switching, a tube powered reverb with independent levels for each channel and an fx loop. There are profiles of the clean channel through 3 separate speaker cabinets for everything from an AlNiCo speaker for a more Vox-y flavor to a crisp Vintage 30 to my usual Classic Lead 80 for a warmer tone. The gain profiles were done at various tone stack positions and at different voltage levels (from brown to supercharged) and there are blended cab varieties for even more options. The gain profiles are thick with lots of harmonics and large frequency response, very full in all frequencies. There are some with a more cutting top end and others that are voiced slightly warmer so as not to get shrill at full stage volume. The sample clips below were recorded directly into ProTools 10 via a Propellerhead Balance interface with no added compression, eq, or processing of any sort. Clean channel samples were done using my Tom Anderson Cobra w/ 3 Antiquity P90’s and the Gain channel samples were played on my Duesenberg Starplayer with Grand Vintage bridge humbucker. Hopefully you will hear something you like (but it likely won’t be my sloppy playing).
PROFILE PACK 1 – 60 Profiles

Profile Pack 1 (60 profiles) seeks to recreate* a collection of boutique and vintage amps from my personal collection as well as contributions from my friends (thanks guys!). They cover a variety of styles, from clean sounds that stay warm and full (also great for pedalboard-based set ups) to mid-gain and lead gain British sounds. Some of these profiles have been the basis for my live presets for the past couple of years and sound great in the studio as my session buddies can attest as well.

Below are sound samples from 40 out of the 60 profiles included in the Kemper Profile Pack. I will also include a few other variations of some of the amps, but these should give a good idea of the profile sounds. All of the snippets below were played on my red Anderson Cobra with 3 P90's. All of the clips below were recorded directly into ProTools 10 thru a Propellerhead Balance interface. There is no eq, compression, or plug-in on these tracks. Please excuse the sloppiness and tuning.

Scroll down below for sound clips

not rated$39.99
PROFILE PACK 2 – 60 Profiles

Profile Pack 2 is another wide-ranging collection of boutique and vintage amps, rounding out the M Britt Profile packages. Seeing to recreate* more great clean sounds from sought-after boutique amps as well as some higher gain amps, and a variety of British-type EL84 amps. It also includes some Dumble tones that compare to a real Overdrive Special along with an Overdrive Supreme and an Overtone Special.

Check out Sound Samples below to hear how the profiles sound. These samples were recorded direct to ProTools 10 via a Propellerhead Balance interface with no eq, compression, or plug-ins of any kind and then stored in the Kemper as part of this pack.

Thanks to my kind gear buddies for help obtaining some of these sounds. Scroll down for sound clips.

PROFILE PACK 3 – 60 Profiles

Profile Pack 3 is a collection of 60 profiles based on the amp sounds* of 18 different amps including a recreation of a 50's tweed deluxe, some great California boutique high gain monsters, a couple of JTM45-based amps, a 15-watt British Invasion amp, a CA wicker monster by way of TX, and some other cool, hard-to-find amps.

In keeping with the tradition of packs 1 & 2, I wanted to provide an assortment of gain levels, from clean to heavily overdriven tones. I also wanted to capture a few old-school R&R tones like the JTM45 type amps for the Classic Rock sounds of the 70's and 80's. There's even some authentic Boston tones just for fun.

not rated$39.99
VINTAGE PACK – 73 Profiles

M Britt Vintage Pack is a unique collection of Vintage amp profiles including a British 50w AC, a few blackface, silverface, and brownface beauties, Page and Peter Green's hidden gem, a Sears Twin Twelve, the 70's Clapton clean, Benson's jazz combo, a Jazzy 50-watter, B.B. King's and Ty Tabor's favorite L5, and a sweet '84 JK FACS. There plenty of American clean and crunch tones as well as a few cool throwback British sounds. The JC50 can cover about half of every 80's rhythm guitar sound and the PTone and Lab Series can get surprisingly warm sounds from a solid state package. Hopefully, there's something for everyone (minus real high gain metal stuff, of course).

Vintage Pack requires 3.0 firmware or higher and while most amps were profiled using my trusty 3rd Power cabinet, the new separation algorithms make it easier to get more great sounds by switching to your favorite cabs as well.

Kemper Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10

Scroll down for sound clips.

MODERN PACK – 74 Profiles

Kemper Sound Cards & Media Devices Driver Download For Windows 10 64-bit

The Modern Pack is a collection of modern boutique type amps. The profiles are 'studio profiles' meaning they are the full profile with amp, cab, and mic captured. They are suitable for studio or live use. There are plenty of high gain sounds in this pack from some of the popular L.A.-based builders' latest amps. There are also some modern EL84 tones from simple, but toneful 2 and 3 knob circuits, custom made for today's modern country and Paisley's chicken-pickin'. There are also some modern versions of older amps like tweed and pawnshop classics, as well as a couple more thick, creamy d-type amp sounds ranging from Ford to SRV. There is also a couple of Britain's new smaller amps that can have surprisingly big sounds thanks to the Kemper.

The Modern Pack contains profiles made with the 3.0 firmware and must be used with firmware 3.0 or higher. Scroll down for sound clips of the profiles.

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