Oct 18, 2019 How to add new Kyocera printers to your Windows machine. As of Summer 2018 the old Toshiba Copiers have been removed and replaced with new Kyocera models. This guide will show you how to add the printers for your site to your Windows machine in a few easy steps. Note: If you do not know how to access your network drives go here. Support & Download page of KYOCERA DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS INC. Dedicated service experts from Kyocera will globally support you in installation and daily operations for our products, while becoming the trusted long-term partner.

If your Kyocera printer is not printing or responding after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, there is much need for you to update the Kyocera printer drivers. Normally, the corrupted or outdated Kyocera printer driver is the main cause of many Kyocera printer issues.

Now try one of the following ways to install Kyocera drivers on Windows 10, 8, 7.

How to Update Kyocera Printer Drivers on Windows 10?

You can download or update Kyocera printer drivers with reference to the following steps.


3: Update Kyocera Printer Driver Manually

Method 1: Update Kyocera Printer Driver Automatically

As users reported that it is hard to find the right Kyocera driver by oneself, you can try to turn to Driver Booster. Driver Booster is capable of scanning, downloading and installing the Kyocera printer drivers on Windows 10. If you happen to Kyocera printer not printing or not waking up, Driver Booster will quickly get rid of the Kyocera printer issue by virtue of updating the Kyocera drivers.

1. Download, install and run Driver Booster.

2. Click the Scan. Then Driver Booster will scan all the device drivers on your PC for the corrupted, missing, and even faulty drivers, including Kyocera printer drivers.

3. Locate Printers from the search result and then Update the Kyocera printer driver.

In a large sense, Driver Booster will automatically install the driver for your Kyocera printer, such as Kyocera Universal printer driver, Kyocera 3550ci driver, and Kyocera taskalfa 1800 driver.

You can check whether the Kyocera printer not responding on Windows 10 has been resolved or not.

Method 2: Update Kyocera Printer Driver in Device Manager

On another hand, you can still take advantage of Windows tools. Here in order to get the latest Kyocera printer drivers, Device Manager is always ready for you.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. Expand Printers, and then right click the Printer driver to Update driver.

3. Choose to Search automatically for updated driver software.

You will be observing that Device Manager is searching for the driver for Kyocera printer online. If there is any, it will prompt you to install Kyocera printer driver on Windows 7, 8, 10.

Method 3: Update Kyocera Printer Driver Manually

Lastly, for Kyocera printer users, it is up to you to download or update Kyocera drivers from Kyocera site. Although it requires skills and patience, most of you can find the drivers you need.

Nevertheless, Prior to that, it is wise to figure out your PC system is running on 32-bit or 64-bit. You can check your system type by righting click This PC and then opening the Properties. And here is a tutorial about how to check computer specs.

Here this PC is on Windows 10 64-bit operating system. You are supposed to bear your system type in mind in order to install the right Kyocera driver for Windows 7, 8, 10.

1. Navigate to Kyocera official site.

2. Select the Country or Region you are in and then hit Download. Here choose the United States.

3. Then pick out Printers from Product Category, ECOSYS FS-1060DN from Products.

4. At last, click Technical Downloads to get all the available downloads for your Kyocera printer model.

5. Under Technical Downloads, choose Drivers.

6. In Driver searching result, decide to Download the Kyocera driver you need. Here for this Kyocera printer model, KX Print Driver and Kyocera XPS print driver are available.

7. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish installing the Kyocera printer drivers on Windows 10, 8, 7.

Upon getting the compatible or latest Kyocera driver, the Kyocera printer won’t stumble upon not printing error.

In a word, all these three ways in this post are able to download or update Kyocera printer drivers on Windows 7, 8 10. But one of them will be a perfect match for you.


What is KYOCERA Print Center?

KYOCERA Print Center is a utility app that supports KYOCERA printing devices and scanning devices that share a network connection with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices. The app is primarily a scan driver and a device monitor. It also includes a library of printable templates and a camera interface. With the app, you can do the following:

  • Discover and monitor KYOCERA devices
  • Scan, save, and OCR (extract text from scanned images using Optical Character Recognition) documents
  • Capture, save, and OCR images
  • Select templates to print
  • Create custom lined templates
  • Configure advanced print settings for print jobs sent to KYOCERA devices
  • Driver Library lets you specify folders that Advanced Print Settings can access for Watermark Images, Driver Profile files, and Saved Printouts

The KYOCERA Print Center app can be installed on PCs and tablets that run the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating systems. The app is compatible with KYOCERA printing devices and scanning devices.

Where can I download KYOCERA Print Center?

The app is available for download from the Windows Store.

How much does KYOCERA Print Center cost?

Which languages are supported by KYOCERA Print Center?

KYOCERA Print Center supports English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified. The app automatically displays in the same language as that set in your Windows device. If your Windows device is set to a language other than the supported languages listed above, the app will display in English.

Does KYOCERA Print Center come with built-in Help topics?

Yes, select Settings from the App Menu and then select Help. There are several help sections that provide an overview of how to use the app. Click any title to open its corresponding topic.

Hardware and operating system

Which Windows devices are supported by the app?

The app is compatible with any PC, laptop computer, or tablet that runs the Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating systems. The Windows device must support a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Which KYOCERA printing devices are supported for scanning?

ECOSYS M6030cdn, ECOSYS M6530cdn, ECOSYS M6035cidn, ECOSYS M6535cidn, ECOSYS M3040dn, ECOSYS M3540dn, ECOSYS M3040idn, ECOSYS M3540idn, ECOSYS M3550idn, ECOSYS M3560idn, ECOSYS M2030dn, ECOSYS M2530dn, ECOSYS M2035dn, ECOSYS M2535dn, ECOSYS M6026cdn, ECOSYS M6526cdn, ECOSYS M6026cdn Type B, ECOSYS M6526cdn Type B, ECOSYS M6026cidn, ECOSYS M6526cidn, ECOSYS M6026cidn Type B, ECOSYS M6526cidn Type B, ECOSYS M2135dn, ECOSYS M2635dn, ECOSYS M2635dw, ECOSYS M2735dw, ECOSYS M2040dn, ECOSYS M2540dn, ECOSYS M2540dw, ECOSYS M2640idw, ECOSYS M5521cdw, ECOSYS M5521cdn, ECOSYS M5526cdw, ECOSYS M5526cdn, ECOSYS M5520cdn, ECOSYS M5520cdw, ECOSYS M5525cdn, ECOSYS M4028idn, ECOSYS M8024cidn, ECOSYS M4125idn, ECOSYS M4132idn, ECOSYS M8130cidn, ECOSYS M8124cidn, ECOSYS M2235dn, ECOSYS M2735dn, ECOSYS M2835dw, ECOSYS M6230cidn, ECOSYS M6630cidn, ECOSYS M6235cidn, ECOSYS M6635cidn, ECOSYS M3860idnf, ECOSYS M3860idn, ECOSYS M3660idn, ECOSYS M3655idn, ECOSYS M3645idn, ECOSYS M3145idn, ECOSYS M3645dn, ECOSYS M3145dn, ECOSYS M5021cdn, ECOSYS M4226idn, ECOSYS M4230idn, ECOSYS M8228cidn, ECOSYS M8224cidn
ECOSYS M6030cdn(J), ECOSYS M6530cdn(J), ECOSYS M6535cidn(J), ECOSYS M3540idn(J), ECOSYS M3550idn(J), ECOSYS M2035dn(J), ECOSYS M2535dn(J), ECOSYS M2540dw(J), ECOSYS M2640idw(J), ECOSYS M5526cdw(J), ECOSYS M6635cidn(J), ECOSYS M3645idn(J)
FS-C8020MFP, FS-C8025MFP, FS-C8520MFP, FS-C8525MFP, FS-C2026MFP, FS-C2126MFP, FS-C2026MFP+, FS-C2126MFP+, FS-C2526MFP, FS-C2626MFP, FS-6025MFP, FS-6030MFP, FS-6525MFP, FS-6530MFP, FS-1028MFP, FS-1128MFP, FS-3040MFP, FS-3140MFP, FS-3040MFP+, FS-3140MFP+, FS-3540MFP, FS-3640MFP, FS-1030MFP, FS-1130MFP, FS-1035MFP, FS-1135MFP
LS-1028MFP, LS-1128MFP, LS-3140MFP, LS-3140MFP+, LS-3640MFP, LS-1035MFP, LS-1135MFP
CS 205c, CS 255c, CS 250ci, CS 300ci, CS 400ci, CS 500ci, CS 552ci, CS 3050ci, CS 3550ci, CS 4550ci, CS 5550ci, CS 6550ci, CS 7550ci, CS 2550ci, CS 3051ci, CS 3551ci, CS 4551ci, CS 5551ci, CS 6551ci, CS 7551ci, CS 255, CS 305, CS 300i, CS 420i, CS 520i, CS 3500i, CS 4500i, CS 5500i, CS 6500i, CS 8000i, CS 3501i, CS 4501i, CS 5501i, CS 6501i, CS 8001i, CS 2551ci, CS 3510i, CS 3010i, CS 306ci, CS 356ci, CS 406ci, CS 6052ci, CS 5052ci, CS 4052ci, CS 3252ci, CS 2552ci, CS 3552ci, CS 6002i, CS 5002i, CS 4002i, CS 3011i, CS 3511i, CS 7052ci, CS 8052ci, CS 7002i, CS 8002i, CS 4012i, CS 3212i, CS 9002i, CS 2553ci, CS 3253ci, CS 3553ci, CS 4053ci, CS 5053ci, CS 6053ci, CS 4003i, CS 5003i, CS 6003i, CS 308ci, CS 8353ci, CS 7353ci, CS 7003i, CS 8003i, CS 9003i, CS 358ci, CS 408ci, CS 508ci
TASKalfa 205c, TASKalfa 255c, TASKalfa 250ci, TASKalfa 300ci, TASKalfa 400ci, TASKalfa 500ci, TASKalfa 552ci, TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 3550ci, TASKalfa 4550ci, TASKalfa 5550ci, TASKalfa 6550ci, TASKalfa 7550ci, TASKalfa 2550ci, TASKalfa 3051ci, TASKalfa 3551ci, TASKalfa 4551ci, TASKalfa 5551ci, TASKalfa 6551ci, TASKalfa 7551ci, TASKalfa 206ci, TASKalfa 256ci, TASKalfa 265ci, TASKalfa 255, TASKalfa 305, TASKalfa 300i, TASKalfa 420i, TASKalfa 520i, TASKalfa 3500i, TASKalfa 4500i, TASKalfa 5500i, TASKalfa 6500i, TASKalfa 8000i, TASKalfa 3501i, TASKalfa 4501i, TASKalfa 5501i, TASKalfa 6501i, TASKalfa 8001i, TASKalfa 256i, TASKalfa 306i, TASKalfa 2551ci, TASKalfa 3510i, TASKalfa 3010i, TASKalfa 306ci, TASKalfa 356ci, TASKalfa 406ci, TASKalfa 266ci, TASKalfa 6052ci, TASKalfa 5052ci, TASKalfa 4052ci, TASKalfa 3252ci, TASKalfa 2552ci, TASKalfa 3552ci, TASKalfa 6002i, TASKalfa 5002i, TASKalfa 4002i, TASKalfa 3011i, TASKalfa 3511i, TASKalfa 7052ci, TASKalfa 8052ci, TASKalfa 7002i, TASKalfa 8002i, TASKalfa 351ci, TASKalfa 2510i, TASKalfa 2520i, TASKalfa 2470ci, TASKalfa 2460ci, TASKalfa 350ci, TASKalfa 351ci* (2018), TASKalfa 4020i, TASKalfa 4012i, TASKalfa 3212i, TASKalfa 9002i, TASKalfa 2553ci, TASKalfa 3253ci, TASKalfa 3553ci, TASKalfa 4053ci, TASKalfa 5053ci, TASKalfa 6053ci, TASKalfa 4003i, TASKalfa 5003i, TASKalfa 6003i, TASKalfa 308ci, TASKalfa 8353ci, TASKalfa 7353ci, TASKalfa 7003i, TASKalfa 8003i, TASKalfa 9003i, TASKalfa 358ci, TASKalfa 408ci, TASKalfa 508ci, TASKalfa 352ci, TASKalfa 3060ci
[TASkalfa (J)]
TASKalfa 3050ci(J), TASKalfa 3550ci(J), TASKalfa 4550ci(J), TASKalfa 5550ci(J), TASKalfa 6550ci(J), TASKalfa 7550ci(J), TASKalfa 2550ci(J), TASKalfa 3051ci(J), TASKalfa 3551ci(J), TASKalfa 4551ci(J), TASKalfa 5551ci(J), TASKalfa 6551ci(J), TASKalfa 7551ci(J), TASKalfa 300i(J), TASKalfa 420i(J), TASKalfa 520i(J), TASKalfa 3500i(J), TASKalfa 4500i(J), TASKalfa 5500i(J), TASKalfa 6500i(J), TASKalfa 8000i(J), TASKalfa 3501i(J), TASKalfa 4501i(J), TASKalfa 5501i(J), TASKalfa 6501i(J), TASKalfa 8001i(J), TASKalfa 2551ci(J), TASKalfa 3510i(J), TASKalfa 3010i(J), TASKalfa 306ci(J), TASKalfa 356ci(J), TASKalfa 406ci(J), TASKalfa 6052ci(J), TASKalfa 5052ci(J), TASKalfa 4052ci(J), TASKalfa 3252ci(J), TASKalfa 2552ci(J), TASKalfa 6002i(J), TASKalfa 5002i(J), TASKalfa 4002i(J), TASKalfa 3011i(J), TASKalfa 3511i(J), TASKalfa 7052ci(J), TASKalfa 8052ci(J), TASKalfa 7002i(J), TASKalfa 8002i(J), TASKalfa 4012i(J), TASKalfa 3212i(J), TASKalfa 2553ci(J), TASKalfa 3253ci(J), TASKalfa 4053ci(J), TASKalfa 5053ci(J), TASKalfa 6053ci(J), TASKalfa 5003i(J), TASKalfa 6003i(J), TASKalfa 8353ci(J), TASKalfa 7003i(J), TASKalfa 9003i (J), TASKalfa 358ci(J), TASKalfa 408ci(J)
KM-2810, KM-2820

Which KYOCERA printing devices are supported for displaying advanced printing preferences?

ECOSYS M2030dn, ECOSYS M2035dn, ECOSYS M2040dn, ECOSYS M2135dn, ECOSYS M2235dn, ECOSYS M2530dn, ECOSYS M2535dn, ECOSYS M2540dn, ECOSYS M2540dw, ECOSYS M2635dn, ECOSYS M2635dw, ECOSYS M2640idw, ECOSYS M2735dn, ECOSYS M2735dw, ECOSYS M2835dw, ECOSYS M3040dn, ECOSYS M3040idn, ECOSYS M3145dn, ECOSYS M3145idn, ECOSYS M3540dn, ECOSYS M3540idn, ECOSYS M3550idn, ECOSYS M3560idn, ECOSYS M3645dn, ECOSYS M3645idn, ECOSYS M3655idn, ECOSYS M3660idn, ECOSYS M3860idn, ECOSYS M3860idnf, ECOSYS M4028idn, ECOSYS M4125idn, ECOSYS M4132idn, ECOSYS M4226idn, ECOSYS M4230idn, ECOSYS M5021cdn, ECOSYS M5520cdn, ECOSYS M5520cdw, ECOSYS M5521cdn, ECOSYS M5521cdw, ECOSYS M5525cdn, ECOSYS M5526cdn, ECOSYS M5526cdw, ECOSYS M6026cdn, ECOSYS M6026cidn, ECOSYS M6030cdn, ECOSYS M6035cidn, ECOSYS M6230cidn, ECOSYS M6235cidn, ECOSYS M6526cdn, ECOSYS M6526cidn, ECOSYS M6530cdn, ECOSYS M6535cidn, ECOSYS M6630cidn, ECOSYS M6635cidn, ECOSYS M8024cidn, ECOSYS M8124cidn, ECOSYS M8130cidn, ECOSYS M8224cidn, ECOSYS M8228cidn, ECOSYS P2040dn, ECOSYS P2040dw, ECOSYS P2135dn, ECOSYS P2230dn, ECOSYS P2235dn, ECOSYS P2235dw, ECOSYS P2335d, ECOSYS P2335dn, ECOSYS P2335dw, ECOSYS P3045dn, ECOSYS P3050dn, ECOSYS P3055dn, ECOSYS P3060dn, ECOSYS P3145dn, ECOSYS P3150dn, ECOSYS P3155dn, ECOSYS P3260dn, ECOSYS P4035dn, ECOSYS P4040dn, ECOSYS P4045dn, ECOSYS P5018cdn, ECOSYS P5020cdn, ECOSYS P5020cdw, ECOSYS P5021cdn, ECOSYS P5021cdw, ECOSYS P5025cdn, ECOSYS P5026cdn, ECOSYS P5026cdw, ECOSYS P6021cdn, ECOSYS P6026cdn, ECOSYS P6030cdn, ECOSYS P6035cdn, ECOSYS P6130cdn, ECOSYS P6230cdn, ECOSYS P6235cdn, ECOSYS P7035cdn, ECOSYS P7040cdn, ECOSYS P7240cdn, ECOSYS P8060cdn
ECOSYS M2035dn(J), ECOSYS M2535dn(J), ECOSYS M2540dw(J), ECOSYS M2640idw(J), ECOSYS M3540idn(J), ECOSYS M3550idn(J), ECOSYS M3645idn(J), ECOSYS M5526cdw(J), ECOSYS M6530cdn(J), ECOSYS M6535cidn(J), ECOSYS M6635cidn(J), ECOSYS P2040dw(J), ECOSYS P3045dn(J), ECOSYS P3060dn(J), ECOSYS P3145dn(J), ECOSYS P3160dn(J), ECOSYS P4040dn(J), ECOSYS P5026cdw(J), ECOSYS P6130cdn(J), ECOSYS P6230cdn(J), ECOSYS P7040cdn(J), ECOSYS P7240cdn(J), ECOSYS P8060cdn(J)
FS-2100D, FS-2100DN, FS-3540MFP, FS-3640MFP, FS-4100DN, FS-4200DN, FS-4300DN, FS-6025MFP, FS-6030MFP, FS-6525MFP, FS-6530MFP, FS-C2026MFP, FS-C2026MFP+, FS-C2126MFP, FS-C2126MFP+, FS-C2526MFP, FS-C2626MFP, FS-C5100DN, FS-C5150DN, FS-C5200DN, FS-C5250DN, FS-C5300DN, FS-C5350DN, FS-C5400DN, FS-C8020MFP, FS-C8025MFP, FS-C8500DN, FS-C8520MFP, FS-C8525MFP, FS-C8600DN, FS-C8650DN
LS-2100DN, LS-3640MFP, LS-4200DN, LS-4300DN, LS-C8500DN, LS-C8600DN, LS-C8650DN
CS 205c, CS 250ci, CS 255, CS 2550ci, CS 2551ci, CS 2552ci, CS 2553ci, CS 255c, CS 300ci, CS 300i, CS 3010i, CS 3011i, CS 305, CS 3050ci, CS 3051ci, CS 306ci, CS 307ci, CS 3212i, CS 3252ci, CS 3253ci, CS 3500i, CS 3501i, CS 3510i, CS 3511i, CS 3550ci, CS 3551ci, CS 3552ci, CS 3553ci, CS 356ci, CS 4002i, CS 4003i, CS 400ci, CS 4012i, CS 4052ci, CS 4053ci, CS 406ci, CS 420i, CS 4500i, CS 4501i, CS 4550ci, CS 4551ci, CS 5002i, CS 5003i, CS 500ci, CS 5052ci, CS 5053ci, CS 520i, CS 5500i, CS 5501i, CS 552ci, CS 5550ci, CS 5551ci, CS 6002i, CS 6003i, CS 6052ci, CS 6053ci, CS 6500i, CS 6501i, CS 6550ci, CS 6551ci, CS 7002i, CS 7052ci, CS 7550ci, CS 7551ci, CS 8000i, CS 8001i, CS 8002i, CS 8052ci, CS 9002i, CS 308ci, CS 8353ci, CS 7353ci, CS 9003i, CS 8003i, CS 7003i, CS 358ci, CS 408ci, CS 508ci
TASKalfa 205c, TASKalfa 250ci, TASKalfa 255, TASKalfa 2550ci, TASKalfa 2551ci, TASKalfa 2552ci, TASKalfa 2553ci, TASKalfa 255c, TASKalfa 265ci, TASKalfa 266ci, TASKalfa 300ci, TASKalfa 300i, TASKalfa 3010i, TASKalfa 3011i, TASKalfa 305, TASKalfa 3050ci, TASKalfa 3051ci, TASKalfa 306ci, TASKalfa 307ci, TASKalfa 3212i, TASKalfa 3252ci, TASKalfa 3253ci, TASKalfa 3500i, TASKalfa 3501i, TASKalfa 350ci, TASKalfa 3510i, TASKalfa 3511i, TASKalfa 351ci, TASKalfa 3550ci, TASKalfa 3551ci, TASKalfa 3552ci, TASKalfa 3553ci, TASKalfa 356ci, TASKalfa 4002i, TASKalfa 4003i, TASKalfa 400ci, TASKalfa 4012i, TASKalfa 4020i, TASKalfa 4052ci, TASKalfa 4053ci, TASKalfa 406ci, TASKalfa 420i, TASKalfa 4500i, TASKalfa 4501i, TASKalfa 4550ci, TASKalfa 4551ci, TASKalfa 5002i, TASKalfa 5003i, TASKalfa 500ci, TASKalfa 5052ci, TASKalfa 5053ci, TASKalfa 520i, TASKalfa 5500i, TASKalfa 5501i, TASKalfa 552ci, TASKalfa 5550ci, TASKalfa 5551ci, TASKalfa 6002i, TASKalfa 6003i, TASKalfa 6052ci, TASKalfa 6053ci, TASKalfa 6500i, TASKalfa 6501i, TASKalfa 6550ci, TASKalfa 6551ci, TASKalfa 7002i, TASKalfa 7052ci, TASKalfa 7550ci, TASKalfa 7551ci, TASKalfa 8000i, TASKalfa 8001i, TASKalfa 8002i, TASKalfa 8052ci, TASKalfa 9002i, TASKalfa 206ci, TASKalfa 2460ci, TASKalfa 2470ci, TASKalfa 2510i, TASKalfa 2520i, TASKalfa 256ci, TASKalfa 256i, TASKalfa 306i, TASKalfa 308ci, Kyocera TASKalfa 7353ci, TASKalfa 8353ci, TASKalfa 7003i, TASKalfa 8003i, TASKalfa 9003i, TASKalfa 358ci, TASKalfa 408ci, TASKalfa 508ci
[TASkalfa (J)]
TASKalfa 2550ci(J), TASKalfa 2551ci(J), TASKalfa 2552ci(J), TASKalfa 2553ci(J), TASKalfa 300i(J), TASKalfa 3010i(J), TASKalfa 3011i(J), TASKalfa 3050ci(J), TASKalfa 3051ci(J), TASKalfa 3212i(J), TASKalfa 3252ci(J), TASKalfa 3253ci(J), TASKalfa 3500i(J), TASKalfa 3501i(J), TASKalfa 3510i(J), TASKalfa 3511i(J), TASKalfa 3550ci(J), TASKalfa 3551ci(J), TASKalfa 356ci(J), TASKalfa 4002i(J), TASKalfa 4012i(J), TASKalfa 4052ci(J), TASKalfa 4053ci(J), TASKalfa 406ci(J), TASKalfa 420i(J), TASKalfa 4500i(J), TASKalfa 4501i(J), TASKalfa 4550ci(J), TASKalfa 4551ci(J), TASKalfa 5002i(J), TASKalfa 5003i(J), TASKalfa 5052ci(J), TASKalfa 5053ci(J), TASKalfa 520i(J), TASKalfa 5500i(J), TASKalfa 5501i(J), TASKalfa 5550ci(J), TASKalfa 5551ci(J), TASKalfa 6002i(J), TASKalfa 6003i(J), TASKalfa 6052ci(J), TASKalfa 6053ci(J), TASKalfa 6500i(J), TASKalfa 6501i(J), TASKalfa 6550ci(J), TASKalfa 6551ci(J), TASKalfa 7002i(J), TASKalfa 7052ci(J), TASKalfa 7550ci(J), TASKalfa 7551ci(J), TASKalfa 8000i(J), TASKalfa 8001i(J), TASKalfa 8002i(J), TASKalfa 8052ci(J), TASKalfa 8353ci(J), TASKalfa 7003i(J), TASKalfa 9003i(J), TASKalfa 358ci(J), TASKalfa 408ci(J)


How can I use the app for scanning?

Tap/click Scan. To select a scanner, tap/click Change scanner to access the Select a scanner page. After selecting a scan device, tap/click the back button to return to the Scan page. If the scanner requires authentication, tap/click Authentication to enter your user name and password. If your system supports Job Accounting, enter an Account ID.

To initiate a scan, tap/click Connect to establish a connection with the selected device. You may also select a Workflow with preset scan options before connecting to the device. If the connection is successful, the scan option fields will be activated and updated to reflect the capabilities of the selected scanner. Once connected, you can configure the scan settings for the target device and execute the scan. If the connection closes before you have finished configuring and executing the scan, continuing with Scan, Add, or Finish will fail. You can reestablish the connection by tapping/clicking Connect again.

If the connection is unsuccessful, you can try the following actions:

  • Try connecting again. Your network connection may have experienced temporary interference
  • Verify that you have entered the correct authentication credentials for the selected device
  • Verify that the selected device is active and ready to scan
  • Select another device on the Select a scanner page

You can scan multiple pages into a single document. Tap/click Add to scan each additional page, and then tap/click Finish to finalize the job.

To save each page of a multiple-page scan as a separate file, check the Save as separate files check box.


By default, scanned documents are saved in the Pictures folder of your Windows device. To change this setting, tap/click Destination and follow the system prompts.

After your scan is complete, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature can extract words in a language of your choice. A text editing area allows you to make corrections with the aid of a spell checker. Right-click or long tap a marked term to see suggested corrections.

Create and edit workflows to save your favorite scan and post processing settings.

Can I scan via a USB or network connection?

Scanning is only supported via network. Specifically, your PC must be on the same IPv4 network as the scan device. If you are using a wireless network interface to initiate scanning, then that network must support Web Services on Devices (WSD) and WSD Scan must be enabled in Command Center settings.

What file formats are supported for scanning and where can I find these files after scanning?

You can save scanned documents in .JPG, .TIFF, .PDF, and .XPS formats. By default, scanned documents are saved in the Pictures folder of your Windows device. To change this setting, tap/click Destination and follow the system prompts. File names start with 'kyoScan' and contain the approximate date and time the scan file was produced.

How are Scan preferences displayed?

When you connect to a printing device, the options that are supported by that device are displayed in the scan preferences pane on the Scan page. Options that are not supported are grayed out or removed.

Kyocera Port Devices Driver

How can I provide credentials for printing devices that require additional authentication?

If the scanner requires authentication, tap/click Authentication to enter your user name and password. If your system supports Job Accounting, you can also enter an Account ID. You can have the app save the user name, password, and Account ID. Your information is kept secure through encryption. Network and local authentication is supported, while extended authentication is not.

My scan was saved with part of the document missing or oriented sideways. What can I do to fix this?

Select the AutoOriginal size option in the app to allow for automatic detection of your document's size and orientation. For devices that don't support the Auto option, either use the Original orientation option or rotate the document by 90 degrees and ensure the original size matches the document's size. Additionally, some device panels allow setting your desired scan orientation using the System Menu > Common Settings > Function Defaults > Original Orientation interface. Try scanning again.

The OCR feature did not detect spelling mistakes in the selected language. Is there anything I can do?

Ensure you selected the correct language from the OCR list. Spell check is not available on certain system configurations.

How can I modify existing Scan Workflows or create new workflows?

Tap/click Edit workflows on the Scan screen to enter the Scan Workflows interface. Select a workflow in the Workflows list to load its settings. Make any necessary changes and tap/click Save to update the current Workflow. Create a new workflow based on the current settings by tapping/clicking Save a copy. You can also Rename and Delete existing workflows (with the exception of the Default workflow).

What device settings are required for initiating secure communications via HTTPS (SSL)?

Secure scanning with the app requires device settings that may not be required by other secure scanning solutions. Log on to your device's webpage (Command Center) as an administrator and ensure the following settings are correct:

  • Network Settings - Protocol page
    • Set On: IPP over SSL, HTTPS, Enhanced WSD, and Enhanced WSD over SSL
  • Security Settings - Network Security page
    • Set On: SSL

What are the steps for initiating secure communications via HTTPS (SSL)?

For devices that require secure SSL connections, please import the device's certificate into your computer's Trusted Root Certification Authority store. Please contact your system administrator for assistance.

Instructions for system administrators:

  • Access your scan device's webpage ( Command Center) by using your browser to visit https://[your scan device's IP address or host name]. For example, the URL will be similar to Ignore any security certificate problems and continue to the website.
  • Login using your admin login credentials.
  • Select Security Settings, and then Certificates.
  • Under Device Certificates, find the certificate containing the device’s Host Name in the Subject field. The Host Name is found in the top right of the webpage. The certificate’s Protocol section should contain HTTPS and SSL.
  • Tap/click the Settings button for this certificate.
  • Tap/click Export to download the certificate file.
  • Browsers handle the export in different ways. Your browser may save automatically, may offer an option to open or save, or provide an option to name the file. Chrome opens a new tab with the certificate text displayed. Right-click on that screen, select Save as, and name the file “Certificate.cer.”
  • Locate the file and, if needed, rename it to 'Certificate.cer'.
  • Right-click Certificate.cer and select Install certificate. Click Open on the Security Warning pop-up to launch the Certificate Import Wizard. Select Local Machine, then tap/click Next.
  • In Certificate Store, select Place all certificates in the following store, click Browse to select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store, and then tap/click Next.
  • Review the summary information, then tap/click Finish.
  • If a Security Warning appears asking whether to install the certificate, select Yes.
  • A pop-up message will confirm that the import has succeeded.
  • Reboot.
  • Templates

    Can the app templates be printed by devices other than KYOCERA printing devices?

    Yes, templates can be printed by any installed printing device.

    Where can I find the app templates?

    From the main menu select the Library tile under Templates.

    Are there more choices for paper size than are shown in the app?

    The app shows several common paper sizes that are supported by most printers. To choose from the full assortment of paper sizes supported by your printer, please do the following:

  • Tap/click Print and select your desired printer.
  • Change the value in the Paper size field and see a small rendered preview of the resized template appear.
  • Devices

    How can I find more devices?

    Tap/click Discover to automatically search the network for connected and supported KYOCERA models. Each discovered device is represented on the screen with a device tile. Tap/click Add to add devices by their IP address (IPv4 only).

    What are the device categories?

    • Discovered devices are devices you found through Discover or Add
    • Favorite devices are devices you want the app to remember for you

    How can I see each device's newest status information?

    Tap/click Refresh to obtain each device's present state.

    My device tile went blank, what happened?

    There's been trouble communicating with the printer. It may be a network connectivity issue, the printer may be offline or busy, or the printer's reply may have been incomplete.

    My printing device isn't showing up in the Device screen. What can I do?

    • Check if your printing device is supported
    • Check your local area network connections and confirm that your PC is wirelessly connected to the network
    • Retry discovery
    • Tap/click Add and type in the IP address directly

    How do I find the IP address of my KYOCERA printing device or MFP?

    Go to the system menu of the printing device and print out a status page.

    How can I change the size of Device tiles?

    Tap/click View and select Large, Small, or List from the options.

    How can I group Device tiles into categories?

    Tap/click Group and select Favorites, Color & Monochrome, or Scanners from the options.

    Kyocera Port Devices Driver

    How can I sort Device tiles?

    Tap/click Sort and select Model name, IP Address, Hostname, or Location from the options.

    Advanced print settings

    How can I access advanced print settings?

    When you print from any Windows Store application to a supported KYOCERA device, you may access advanced print settings. Selecting a printer opens a simple print interface. Selecting More settings, below the default options, opens the advanced print settings pane.

    What are the benefits of using the advanced print settings?

    This advanced user interface, supported by some KYOCERA models, is designed to be touch friendly and allow access to settings not shown in the simple print interface. Additionally, proprietary KYOCERA features are available for selection. The advanced settings depend upon the driver of the selected print device. Reference the driver’s documentation for more information on what settings may be available.

    Additional Troubleshooting

    I sent a print job, but my printing device is not responding. Why?

    Check that your PC is connected to your local area network, and that the printing device is turned on and not in sleep mode.

    My scan preview is missing some content and the main page's Recent scans tile may display the missing content in black. What can I do to fix this?

    Support / Contact KYOCERA

    Change the display resolution when preview is cut off. This issue is known to occur in the 1920x1080 pixel resolution on the Surface 2 when scanning with original sizes of A3, 8K, and Ledger. Changing the device's resolution fixes the issue.